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Jessica Jackson

The best day was when someone suggested I use this amazing company when I was looking for a small shop for my clothing retail. I was sure this large company would not be interested in my meagre business but I was pleasantly surprised that they indeed treated me like a large corporate entity. Finding the best spot for me to rent while keeping costs low was something I did not expect. I am indeed very lucky and grateful for their expert advice and top service to get me an affordable shop.”

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Can yilmaz

I sold a property with this company a few months back and have since acquired another with them as well. After meeting with several agents in the city I decided on novo casa estates as their service are comprehensive, they are straight-talkers and do not hide costs and involve fancy talk nobody could understand. It took me only three months to sell my property and throughout the experience I had professional friendly advice and service. I recommend them without hesitation.

Casinometropol Casino

Hans Mansion

I thank this amazing company for helping me find a great property to rent after I searched by myself for months to no avail. Finding rental property in this competitive market while keeping costs low and no lengthy contract that has stipulations I could not adhere to make my search difficult. Thank you everybody I will always remember the friendly professionalism.

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Mehmet Can

I was pleased with your professional service, hence the quick note. It was awful to move and getting someone trustworthy to take over my property but thanks to your service and advice I can leave my property behind with a clear mind and light heart.


Deepak Genie

When we decided to sell our retail offices and acquiring something much bigger we went in search of property sellers and buyers online. After months of useless searching and no decent offers and many quotes we decided on this amazing company who not only sold our premises in record time for a great price, but also found us another location which we love. Thank you for your great service and continued help through the entire process.

Log Homes

David Copper

From the onset we found that this specific company of novo casa estates were not only incredibly professional, but also helpful and courteous when we looked for offices for canli.onlinebahisyappro.com. Being an online gambling website we had difficulty in finding suitable offices in the country which would be affordable yet add to the prestige we seeked. We were suitably impressed with the speed in which they handled the entire process while still keeping costs low. I personally recommend that you use them for all you residential, commercial and industrial property needs as they have since found us an apartment to let for staff needs too. That you wholeheartedly from us and we would certainly continue to use your professional services.”